The Mikvah of Shavuot – the Mikvah of the Fifth Gate

When we immerse in the mikvah on Shavuot we are connected with the highest levels of God’s lovingkindness and abundant mercy, and we can attain awesome levels of perception of God. The illumination which radiates on Shavout is a supremely exalted level of the Divine wisdoms, fine and subtle in the extreme. And this wisdom is in itself an expression of God’s loving kindness and mercy. For love is bound up with wisdom and perception, as is explained elsewhere. It is a wonderful thing to experience the holiness of Shavout, and in particular the mikvah of Shavout – the mikvah of the fifth gate – which becomes the wellspring the holiness urit and purity for Israel.
(Likutey Moharan I, 56:7)

Reprinted from Advice by Rabbi Nathan of Breslov, Page 177
Published by the Breslov Research Institute

Copyright (C) 2009 The Breslov Research Institute


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