Parshat HaMan: Today!

The Parsha this week recounts the amazing miracle of the Man (Manna Bread) which began miraculous falling from the sky and nourished the Jewish people for some 40 years in the Midbar.

The Great Chassidic Master and Tzaddik Reb Mendel of Riminov famously praised studying these passages especially during the third day of the week that this portion is read from the Torah. He said that this is a great Segulah in order to arouse Heavenly Compassion upon oneself in regards to the flow of livelihood/parnasah.

The proper way to do this is with “Shnayim Mikra V’Echad Targum,” reading the verse twice and the translation of Onkelus once.

This can be found here:

It is worthwhile noting that the Talmud Yerushalmi states: “One who recites Parshas Hamon every day is assured that his food will not be lacking.”

Author: Yossi Katz

Yossi Katz currently lives in Lakewood, NJ where he runs the BRI American Office. He studied in Beth Medrash Gevoha, as well as the former Breslov Kollel of Lakewood headed by Rabbi Shlomo Goldman.

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