Local Classes

Boston Area Classes

Likutey Moharan, the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov with Rabbi Dovid Maayan

Thursday nights 7:30-9:00 p.m. Private home in Brighton. Contact avivaestherleah at yahoo.com for more info.

New York Area Classes

Likutey Moharan Shiur every Thursday  night at 9:00 PM in  Breslov of Flatbush Shul (1909 New York Avenue) Brooklyn, New York 11210 given by Rabbi Ahron Berlin. Maariv to follow. If you have any questions, please call (917) 202-9465

Rabbi Trenk, Tuesday nghts for men at 8:30, in Boro Park, Brooklyn contact Moshe Zwolinski at rmz7 at optonline.net.

BreslovWoman classes with Chaya Rivka. Zwolinski  Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Brooklyn (not every week).  Please contact chayarivka at breslovwoman.org for more information.

Los Angeles Area Classes

Tuesdays, for men and women, Likutey Halachot, given by Rav Elchonon Tauber (Dayan, Cong. Bais Yehuda)

At Chabad Sola 1627 S La Cienega Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90035

Contact Dr. BJ Adrezin potentfoods@gmail.com


Baltimore Area Classes

Men's Likutey Moharan shiur on Sunday mornings. Please contact liebmasj@gmail.com

Miami Area Classes

Aventura Breslov Center: 20450 W Dixie Hwy Aventura, FL 33180

Every morning after Neitz - Shiur in Chok Breslov. (Including kitzur likutey moharan, sichot haran, sefer hamidot, likutey aytzot, hishtapchut hanefesh/meshivat nefesh)

Given by Rafael Zaidenberg


Tuesday night, 8 pm class in Garden of Emuna. Basic class (men and women)

Given By R' Goldsmith


Wednesday nights for women at 7:30-9pm

By Rabanit Sara Lucy

Sichos Haran Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom with Rabbi Reuven Glucksman



Beis Medrash Mekor Chochma

179 N Shore Dr #179-3, Miami Beach FL 33141


Thursday night

Likutey Moharan in hebrew

8pm with Rabbi Yichiel




Montreal Area Classes

Tuesday for women a 10:30 am

Given by Yael Dworkin yaeldworkin at yahoo.ca

Tuesday co-ed by Rabbi Leibush Hundert at 7:30 pm ,contact ddlhundert at gmail.com




Toronto Area Classes

Sunday Mornings (mixed learning) Judith & Barry Shapero will explore Rabbi Chaim Kramer's book, Anatomy of the Soul, (based on Rebbe Nachman's teachings,): "the spiritual and mystical powers of man.... a study of each aspect of the human body, & how it can influence the hidden spiritual universes." • 4 Bronte Rd., Thornhill, 10:30 a.m. To Reserve, Call Judith: 905-764-8893 


Monday Nights (for men only) Rabbi Shaye Lichter offers advanced studies, delving into the teachings of Likutey Moharan, 86 Likutey Halachot. • 26 Dell Park Ave., Toronto, 8:00 p.m. To Reserve: 416-782-4872/ shayeblichter@gmail.com

Monday Nights (for women only) Rabbanit Rachel Levy will examine the feminine approach to the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev... illuminating concepts such as emuna, personal prayer, joy. • Nachal Yisrael Torah Centre, 3683 Bathurst St., Toronto 8:00 p.m. To Reserve, Call: 416-827-7666

Tuesday Nights (seperate seating) - Rabbi Yehuda Levinson will present the "how to's" of applying, & benefiting from the teachings in Rebbe Nachman's holy work, Likutey Moharan, in relation to one's personal service of HaShem. • 81 Chelmsford Ave., Toronto, 8:00 p.m. To Reserve, Call Linda: 416-219-8391

Wednesday Nights (mixed learning) - Chaim Oliver will offer insights to the deeper levels of meaning in Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun Haklali-- the ten psalms which assist in the rectification of our souls 
• 53 Franklin Ave., Thornhill, 8:00 p.m. To Reserve, Call Sarah: 905-886-7602

Classes commence Tues. Nov. 4th. CALL: 416-827-7666 for details