Shortly before his passing in 1810, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov told his followers that his influence would long endure, saying, “My fire will burn until the Messiah comes.”

Centuries later, Jews of all persuasions (or none at all) have discovered the Rebbe’s philosophy to be a powerful natural bridge between ancient Jewish wisdom and modern-day self-development. The Rebbe’s teachings offer practical and achievable inner-growth, while conveying a spiritual vibrancy that provides strength and stability during difficult times.

Let’s Get Acquainted

In order to begin to understand Breslov teachings, let’s familiarize ourselves with its founders and key locales.

Who is Rebbe Nachman?

Who is Reb Noson?

What is Breslov?

Why Uman?

How Does Rebbe Nachman Speak To Me?


Rebbe Nachman’s teachings are profound and mystical, while at the same time practical and inspirational. They also cover almost every conceivable subject. The following is a suggested order of study.

I have little or no Breslov knowledge

I have some Breslov knowledge

I am knowledgeable

Breslov.org offers the following key features to help you live with Rebbe Nachman’s advice and achieve your personal best:

Pathways: A Newsletter on the Weekly Torah Reading

NarrowBridge: Twice Weekly Inspirational Emails

Meir Elkabas’ Weekly Breslov Bits Blog