Two Beautiful New Editions

BRI is excited to announce the publication of the following popular titles:

The Treasury of Unearned Gifts

The path to happiness and contentment in life

Would you like to be rich – really rich? Would you like to be able to turn what seems to be nothing into something of great value? Then come make a withdrawal from the Treasury of Unearned Gifts!

Based on the teachings of the great Chassidic master, Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, this work infuses age-old wisdom with contemporary relevance. Rebbe Nachman zeroes in on what prevents us from being happy all the time, and offers simple yet powerful solutions. Written in a clear, easy-to-read style and peppered with stories and examples, this book will help you realize a goal that has eluded so many.

Newly revised and re-typeset in a pocket-size, softcover edition, this volume is perfect for reading at home or on the road. Small in size yet long on understanding, it is the key to unlock the untold treasuries within yourself and live like a millionaire for eternity!


Restore My Soul

Rebbe Nachman’s path to inner fortitude and optimism

“No situation is so desperate that it cannot be turned to good.” This is a book for everyone, no matter what their station in life. From the people of the Tanakh to the present day, no one is immune from the feelings of hopelessness and depression that worm their way into the best-laid plans and dreams. Yet “giving up” should not be in our vocabulary; instead, a life of positivity and joy awaits those who know the tools to succeed.

The classic Breslov work, Meshivat Nefesh, gives you those tools. Compiled by Reb Alter of Teplik, one of the leading Breslover chassidim in Europe in the early 20th century, it presents key teachings from Rebbe Nachman and his main disciple, Reb Noson, that point the way to inner fortitude and optimism. Beautifully typeset in a pocket-size, softcover English-language edition, this volume is perfect for daily study. With it, you can put hopelessness and despair aside, and draw from the wellsprings of joy and spiritual strength to live the life you desire.

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Author: Yossi Katz

Yossi Katz currently lives in Lakewood, NJ where he runs the BRI American Office. He studied in Beth Medrash Gevoha, as well as the former Breslov Kollel of Lakewood headed by Rabbi Shlomo Goldman.

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