If Swine (H1N1) flu hits USA very hard, are we willing to get flu shots? Or say no because HaShem is our shield from flu

It has been said that when the first vaccine came out, something that was proven and accepted, Rebbe Nachman told his Chassidim to go and get it. Much of the medicine during the times of Rebbe Nachman was extremely primitive and in most cases more harmful then beneficial. It is a complicated subject, the main thing to remember is that we should rely on Emunah-Faith and not the doctor and realize that it is God who heals us and not man – medicine. That being said the amount of hishtadlus-effort we must put in to getting better depends on our level of faith. I believe almost all Breslovers would tell a cancer patient to seek treatment, but while waiting for the treatment pray, say tehilim etc…

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