The Precious Point


Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

“Every Jew possesses something precious, some point that his friend lacks… Like the tzaddik, every single Jew wields influence upon others through his words. Each person possesses some virtue that is lacking in his friend. Speech is the means through which he can share it.””
(Likutei Moharan I:34)


What does this mean to me?
G-d placed us in a world of relationships, and many times we find that the relationships are hierarchical—we share, someone else receives. Sometimes—even with the same partner—the roles are reversed; they share, and we receive. When the point at issue is my unique virtue, I can share and my friend can learn and be encouraged by me. Sometimes I look at my friend and see how much more developed she is in a particular area, so I humbly and gladly accept whatever guidance she can offer. Rebbe Nachman calls this, “receiving from the nekudah of the friend, from the point in which she is a tzaddik compared to me.”


A prayer:


G-d of wisdom,
teach me the right words.
Teach me the very words
that will touch the hearts
and souls
of others.
When a friend needs
my understanding ear,
teach me the words to say
that will strengthen,
that will encourage,
that will express
only my love
and concern.

(From The Gentle Weapon*, p. 32)

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All these short messages I take as a love note from Hashem. May I not be weak. Hashem, be strong in my life.

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Author: Yehudis Golshevsky

Mrs. Yehudis Golshevsky is a graduate of Yavne Teacher’s Seminary in Cleveland and SUNY Buffalo. She is a Breslov Chassidiste who lives with her very patient and forgiving family in Jerusalem and has taught Breslov Chassidus (and many other subjects) and worked in Torah publishing for nearly twenty years. Recent projects include the new Holocaust history textbook, “Witness to History;” Erez Moshe Doron’s commentary on The Exchanged Children; content and curricula for Project Derech of Toronto; translations of Rabbi Berland’s lessons and prayers for; editing of the stories for Daf Digest and Mishnah Berurah Digest; and editing of the weekly translations of Rav Itche Meir Morgenstern’s shiurim for Toras Chochom. In her spare time, she does battle with foreign bureaucracy and general pin-headedness in Ukraine so that she can have the privilege of bringing other women to Uman and other kivrei tzaddikim. She also likes to joke around—just ask her students.

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