Breslov Research’s R’ Dovid Sears sent us the following:

New Breslov Center Website

After many years of kind sponsorship and assistance from Nachal Novea Mekor Chochma, the umbrella organization of the Breslov community Tzefat, the Breslov Center (formerly The Breslov Center for Spiritual Growth) will no longer be using their server.

Instead, we are recreating our website in blog format, with several pages linked on the sidebar—including the new “Solitude/Hisbodedus” archive of essays and translations. It will take time to complete the transfer, but the new site is already up and running:

Many changes should take place during the next few weeks, as work on the site continues.
In the meantime, we are retaining our old URL of, but the old site will be dismantled eventually, and the material on the “Learn” and “Listen” pages will be recreated as separate links to the new site.

Thanks for your patience. Hope you like the new site and will find it useful.

The Breslov Center
Brooklyn, NY


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