Dvar Torah for Parshat Tazria-Metzora


Relating to one of Rebbe Nachman's parables

'I [God] will place the mark of the leprous curse in houses in the land...the nega [mark] in the wall of the house...the kohein will give orders to remove the stones having the nega
Leviticus 14:34, 37, 40

Why did Hashem announce that there would be 'leprousÓ marks in the houses? When the Canaanites heard that the Israelites were coming to take possession of the land, they hid their gold in the walls, in the hopes that they would come back one to retrieve it.
Vayikra Rabbah 17:6

Rabbi Nachman's Stories, p. 478

A man once dreamed that there was a great treasure under a bridge in Vienna. He travelled to Vienna and stood near the bridge, trying to figure out what to do. He did not dare search for the treasure by day, because of the many people who were there.

An officer passed by and asked, 'What are you doing, standing here and contemplating?Ó The man decided that it would be best to tell the whole story and ask for help, hoping that [the officer] would share the treasure with him. He told the officer the entire story.

The officer replied, 'A Jew is concerned only with dreams! I also had a dream, and I also saw a treasure. It was in a small house, under the cellar.Ó

In relating his dream, the officer accurately described the man's city and house. He rushed home, dug under his cellar, and found the treasure. He said, 'Now I know that I had the treasure all along. But in order to find it, I had to travel to Vienna.Ó

The same is true in serving God. Each person has the treasure, but in order to find it, he must travel to the tzaddik.

agutn Shabbos!
Shabbat Shalom!