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Against All Odds

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The Incredible Story of an American Chassid Who Broke Through the Iron Curtain to Reach Rebbe Nachman's Grave in Uman

By Gedaliah Fleer

For nearly 50 years, the Communists barred access to the city of Uman, burial site of Rebbe Nachman. The situation looked hopeless – until a young American chassid set out to pray at the Rebbe's grave, no matter what obstacles stood in his way. This true, action-packed adventure brings the reader face-to-face with the surveillance, scare tactics and undercover activities of Communist Russia in the 1960s – and the courage of Breslover chassidim trapped behind the Iron Curtain. Includes a wealth of stories about modern-day heroes of the Breslover movement.

Hardcover. 224 pages. Appendices. 

Size: 6" x 9"

For more from Rabbi Fleer, visit his site.


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