A Journey of Repair

Rebbe Nachman of Breslov taught…

All journeys can serve as a means of repairing one’s faith. Sometimes a person travels because he feels unsure that G-d can provide from him where he is; this is a sign of blemished emunah. Later, when he makes another journey, he can repair the damage to faith that made him take the earlier trip. This is true of the individual just as it was of the Jewish people as a whole in their journeys through the desert.
(Likutei Moharan I:40)


What does this mean to me?
Rebbe Nachman would say that when a Jew is presented with the opportunity to travel, he should take it. In the new place that he visits, he has opportunities to reveal G-dliness through his actions that are unique to that location. He especially emphasized making blessings over foods with careful concentration when on a journey, since a blessing uplifts fallen sparks of holiness that are dispersed throughout creation.


A prayer:

G-d, please be with those of us
Who are traveling or about to go on a journey.
Be there when we set out, while we travel
And when we arrive.
Guide us and show us how to behave at all times.

Teach us to know whether or not we should travel,
Where and when,
And for how long we should go.
Guide us as to which route to take
And which transport to use.

Just as You went with Your people
When they traveled to the Land of Israel,
So be there with us now.

May each part of our journey
Be as You wish,
And please ensure that our going and returning
Is safe and peaceful.

Whatever the journey,
Let us go in purity and holiness.
Help us travel with faith,
And please protect us from harm.

(Between me and You, p. 56-58)

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Author: Yehudis Golshevsky

Mrs. Yehudis Golshevsky is a graduate of Yavne Teacher’s Seminary in Cleveland and SUNY Buffalo. She is a Breslov Chassidiste who lives with her very patient and forgiving family in Jerusalem and has taught Breslov Chassidus (and many other subjects) and worked in Torah publishing for nearly twenty years. Recent projects include the new Holocaust history textbook, “Witness to History;” Erez Moshe Doron’s commentary on The Exchanged Children; content and curricula for Project Derech of Toronto; translations of Rabbi Berland’s lessons and prayers for shuvubonim.org; editing of the stories for Daf Digest and Mishnah Berurah Digest; and editing of the weekly translations of Rav Itche Meir Morgenstern’s shiurim for Toras Chochom. In her spare time, she does battle with foreign bureaucracy and general pin-headedness in Ukraine so that she can have the privilege of bringing other women to Uman and other kivrei tzaddikim. She also likes to joke around—just ask her students.

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